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  Export/import services  
  We provide a wide range of logistics services overseas, from customs clearance to transport and delivery to local destinations.

We have built up a strong overseas network with Asia as our hub by establishing logistics bases in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore. By linking this overseas network with our logistics services in Japan, we can offer door-to-door services from Japan to locations overseas. We provide a total support package for exports and imports that takes care of all the customer's needs, from shipping from the home country to customs clearance and transport and delivery in the destination country.



  Cost-cutting and Logistic Solution Services  
  We have succeeded in cutting overseas shipping costs by efficiently linking up our logistics bases abroad.

We offer optimal plans for slashing transport costs by shipping goods among our logistics bases embedded in the Furukawa Electric Group network and making full and effective use of our subcontractors around the world.




Internatinal Logistics Services
-Air, sea transport
-Packaging for export
-Packaging design
Proxy Shipping Services
-Preparation of customs documents
-Proxy application at relevant government offices
Oversea Moving Services  
-Arrangements for separate shipping by air or marine transport
-Domestic storage






Logistic service
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