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1    We are an IT company with a detailed knowledge of manufacturing systems
For over a quarter of a century FITEC has been developing systems that fulfill the customers' needs in sales, Inventory, purchasing, production control, etc. and has accumulated its own know-how- for constructing production management systems, which are the core of manufacturing. FEC has many talented people who have a wealth of experience at actual sites and a detailed knowledge of the basics of manufacturing. This enables FITEC to suggest the best possible solution for its customers. The FTC System Integration Department utilizes the knowledge and know-how of FITEC to contribute to the strengthening the Southeast Asian manufacturing power of our customers.
2    We are an user-centric IT company with innovative solutions to unique problems
Most of the IT companies that are expanding abroad are independent software vendors. However, as an IT company which come from a manufacturing company, we understand the unique business flow of our customers and can respond with innovative solutions. For example, in the construction of a production management system, we investigate and analyze the problems each plant is facing, then create and IT system that improves quality, shortens lead-times, and reduces costs. Thus, based on the business objectives of our customers, we support the visualization of information necessary for the business form sales management and production design to cost and inventory management, corresponding to JIT production systems (JIT: Just-In-Time).
3    We provide business solutions that use Microsoft Dynamics® AX which is globally supported ERP package
To cope with intensive changes in business needs, business systems that support a company must be fast and flexible. The introduction of this proven ERP package enables a company to build a business foundation that can keep up with the changing demands of business.
We implement local business solution proposal as Southeast Asia unit of FITEC, a solution partner of Dynamics® AX.
• We develop and sell templates for intersystem coordination, industry support, and localization.
• We support introduction of the system including business analysis, fit & gap, and business improvement proposals.
• We support the smooth migration from existing businesses and start-ups using data migration tools.
• We conduct on-site operational support.
4    We available to support in 3 languages
We can support our customers in 3 languages (Thai, English, Japanese) with a conversation or a documents related so it will made us get accuracy information or requirement from our customers.

Strong Point


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